Super Health Keto Gummies Phone Number and Scam (2024)

Super Health Keto Gummies Phone Number and Scam (2024)

This video is all about the Super Health Keto Gummies scam and I have the customer service and support phone number so that you can call and demand a refund. Don't order Super Health Keto Gummies from Amazon or Walmart, or anywhere. I recommend calling over and over again until they give you the refund in full. Do not accept 50 percent back, as that's simply part of their call center script. Also, call your credit card company and report what happened. See if they can help with your refund. There is nothing "super" or "healthy" about Super Health Keto Gummies. A TV show never endorsed Super Health Keto Gummies, nor did Dr. Juan Rivera, Kelly Clarkson or any other celebrities.

The Super Health Keto Gummies scam about ACV (apple cider vinegar) has been going around for at least around a year, if not longer. The way that these scams work is that the people behind the products know that the gummies do nothing. Their goal is to make everything look completely normal and honest, so that they can accomplish their goal of extracting subscription fees from victims. Do not fall for any of this garbage. I hope that you benefit from the Super Health Keto Gummies customer service and support phone number that I included in my video. The scammers hide it so that it's not easy to find. I provide it to you so that the scammers lose.

Do not fall for this scam. They charge you subscription fees that could empty your bank account. They also sometimes include fake return addresses, according to what some scam victims have told me. Super Health Keto Gummies will not ever help you lose weight.

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